shete friendica
So, I think I'm starting to understand this now.
Mastadon is a software built around the ActivityPub protocol but there are other softwares such as Friendica that use the same protocol with different style of layout and function.
What other softwares use this protocol ?
A lot! One neat feature of ActivityPub is you can build all kinds of stuff on it. Mastodon is more of a Twitter "clone", Friendica/Diaspora/Scuttlebutt are Facebook clones, and PeerTube is a Youtube clone etc.
shete friendica
And from my current understanding, Activitypub is analogous to email providers: different email providers but can communicate with eachother via the same protocol.
Yeah. I'm unclear as to too many specifics about it, but the goal is interoperability
shete friendica
You think Minds.com uses Activitypub ?
I really don't know; you'd have to ask them