Cuando de pronto a la autoproclamada policía del mundo, ya no le gusta eso de que otros intervengan en asuntos internos de terceros...

Estados Unidos ordena sanciones contra el personal de la Corte Penal Internacional (CPI) http://piensachile.com/2020/06/estados-unidos-ordena-sanciones-contra-el-personal-de-la-corte-penal-internacional-cpi/

Estados Unidos ordena sanciones contra el personal de la Corte Penal Internacional (CPI) piensachile.com/2020/06/esta…

I'm totally floored by this. I was expecting the opposite result. I'm extremely happy with this result #


# soy nuevo aquí y he decidido presentarme como es debido, utilizando una etiqueta mas apropiada para ello que permita encontrarme con mayor facilidad.

En fin, que puedo decir de mi... Soy mexicano, estudiante de maestría en ciencias de la computación y aficionado del software libre. Me considero con convicciones de izquierda muy firmes en lo que a política refiere, y suelo compartir información en consecuencia. Tambien me gusta mucho leer y aprecio profundamente cualquier recomendación de un buen libro. En fin, por aquí nos estaremos leyendo. Un abrazo.
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@Luis Alberto Garnica López Creo que ya estás alimentando tu hilo de entrada y enriqueciendo tus vínculos en general. No obstante, si necesitas ayuda, ¡danos un silbido, que aquí estamos!

[bookmark=https://twitter.com/Thefirstrevol/status/1272442437517131776]Este sistema económico neoliberal perverso nos ha hecho ser cada vez más egoístas, individualistas e inhumanos. Haciéndonos perder la poca humanidad q nos quedaba y pensamos solo en el bien personal. Quizás el colapso nos retorne al bien común q es la única salida como especie.


Los antifascistas expulsan a la policía de un barrio de Seattle y establecen una ‘zona autónoma’ – La otra Andalucía https://www.boltxe.eus/2020/06/15/los-antifascistas-expulsan-a-la-policia-de-un-barrio-de-seattle-y-establecen-una-zona-autonoma-la-otra-andalucia/

El peligro de una humanidad sin empatía.| Somos empáticos por naturaleza pero no sabemos gobernarla para el #, dejamos que otr@s nos manipulen para su beneficio particular.
El escritor israelí Yuval Noah Harari alerta sobre el peligro de una humanidad sin empatía


Nuevo en Friendica! Saludos a todos!
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Muchas gracias 😁

P.V (via DFRN)
P.V (via DFRN)

Matrix server installed

Installed a Matrix homeserver.
So for those interested in an account at our Matrix server, download the Riot client, or any other client you like, and register at https://matrix.h-y-p-e-r.space
(@Sjors Provoost ?)

How do you stop posts appearing just because someone you're following has commented on it?

2 new albums

Got 2 new albums for my birthday!

Went ahead and bit the bullet and posted a facebook status to my friends informing them of what the fediverse is and how to find me etc. Let's see how many partake.

Did you take this?

Does anybody know if I migrate to another instance whether links to my page (if I linked it elsewhere etc) will redirect there? # # # #
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Links like external URLs to your individual posts?

I didn't try it but I doubt it very much.
One idea I've toyed with is joining multiple networks using the same name so they won't be connected but it's still me and I can put links to other instance profiles in my bio, I think that's not a bad way to do it. Of course, I'd like to link them all together, but if that's not possible then this is the next best way

Hi there! Relatively new to the Fediverse. Question: can I follow someone so I get their public feeds but have their - this is terrible wording, I'm sorry, it's 2 AM - private feeds still be private to them? I guess what I'm asking is, is there a separation? Or do all follow requests have to be approved by people?
There's a way to export your data. Never tried it. By the way I own hyper space and would inform users of anything were to happen.
Do you know how to edit the audience of a post after publication? There apparently aren't options for that
No, haven't found how to do that yet. Maybe not possible at the moment?

I don't know for sure, but I suspect Mark Zuckerberg is a sociopath (or at least some of the executives in his company)

Facebook: the art of making a social network and slowly taking away privacy in drips and drabs while at the same time reassuring the public how much privacy is taken seriously...

I need pajamas again. Haven't worn any in years.

Take me back to the days where I could actually sleep 12+ hours...

I feel like there are so many things about the Fediverse I don't understand yet (which is natural, I only just started). It seems so complex and rich and varied

If I'm following someone but they don't show up in my following list (on another network in this instance) am I in fact receiving their status updates?

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So, I think I'm starting to understand this now.
Mastadon is a software built around the ActivityPub protocol but there are other softwares such as Friendica that use the same protocol with different style of layout and function.
What other softwares use this protocol ?
shete friendica
You think Minds.com uses Activitypub ?
I really don't know; you'd have to ask them

Slowly figuring out how Friendica works

Still got some loose ends to fix, but all seems to be working as expected now.
Tried following someone, and I see his posts appear. So that works.

For backups, I'll schedule VM snapshots for now, incremental backups can be implemented later.
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This is my first Friendica exchange. Weeee !

First post

Hi everyone, first post here! Nice to have my own Friendica server.

R.I.P. Keybase?

Hmm... Keybase bought by Zoom... that's not good...
Sam Crauwels doesn't like this.

Upgrading PostgreSQL on Windows...

How better to spend your Saturday morning than to upgrade PostgreSQL on Windows...

Good morning!

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Bashtop Is A Cool Linux Resource Monitor Written In Bash


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