Document Management System

I am looking for a document management system, to replace Evernote.

These are requirements:
- PDF uploading
- OCR on the pdf
- tagging
- search on tags, ocr data etc
- scan docs with iphone to pdf using app or automation
- sync between devices

And preferrably:
- self hosted
- open source
- macos app
- iphone app
- markdown notes / text notes
- Store other filetypes

Evernote is just not woth the 70,- yearly, also the apps and website are slow..
I considered some options, like Keep It (major issue swith sync), devonthink (pricy, macos/ios only), Apple Notes (buggy, no tags), Joplin (using that already for MD notes, but no OCR or easy way to scan from iPhone), Notebooks (No OCR or iPhone scan), Tagspaces (no iOS app)

Any suggestions??

Friendica update

The site was updated to Friendica 2020.07

Matrix server installed

Installed a Matrix homeserver.
So for those interested in an account at our Matrix server, download the Riot client, or any other client you like, and register at https://matrix.h-y-p-e-r.space
(@Sjors Provoost ?)

2 new albums

Got 2 new albums for my birthday!

R.I.P. Keybase?

Hmm... Keybase bought by Zoom... that's not good...
Sam Crauwels doesn't like this.

Upgrading PostgreSQL on Windows...

How better to spend your Saturday morning than to upgrade PostgreSQL on Windows...

Good morning!

# # #

Starting the 7th week of working from home

Today is the start of the 7th week of working from home, due to Corona quarantine.
Also the first day of a 2 week holiday for the kids, but schools are closed anyway.

This week will be sunny and warm!

Slowly figuring out how Friendica works

Still got some loose ends to fix, but all seems to be working as expected now.
Tried following someone, and I see his posts appear. So that works.

For backups, I'll schedule VM snapshots for now, incremental backups can be implemented later.
shete friendica
This is my first Friendica exchange. Weeee !

New Friendica install

Just installed this, now configuring...
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